Finalised Projects

The Action for Development Kasai-ongd (ADK / NGDOs) and its partner Friuli per lo del Svilippo Kasai-onlus- FSK have to their credit many achievements, among the most significant in the following areas: 1. Field of health- In 1998, with the main financial support of the family Giorgiutti Udine (Italy) and other friends,

ADK has built a health center 3 buildings for essential care and motherhood in the village of Kalenda-Gare to bring relief also to the inhabitants of neighboring villages. - This center also served as basic structure for training in basic hygiene especially for children and moms. Note that in these villages it is mostly women who care for cleanliness and hygiene at all levels: food, drink, clothes, etc ... - 10 drinking water wells were built and Kalenda Muene Ditu to improve sanitary conditions population.2. Fight against faim- In 2008 the ADK has cultivated large fields of 20 ha of maize, cassava, beans and peanuts in the locality of Tshianvi in ​​order to stimulate and awaken the consciousness of local people on the need to fight together to defeat hunger. This beautiful experiment was repeated for several années.- Some initiatives in livestock and fishing areas have failed for lack of means financial- In 2010, in partnership with FSK, we initiated a project for children distances adoption among the poorest. Right now we have 15 children who are supported at distances of Italian families. 3. Field of Education- In 1999, The ADK has built a primary school in the village of Kalenda where over 200 children annually receive quality basic education for further studies in the future - in 2013, with the assistance of the Association FSK, we built a large school Muene Ditu, dedicated to Archbishop Godefroy-Mukeng Kalond, an extraordinary Bishop who, in addition to his pastoral exceptional talents, was a leader visionary in the areas of development and human growth. To immortalize and perpetuate his fight against ignorance we totally rebuilt the school, which was in a very dilapidated state avancé.4. In the field of promotion spirituelleEn 2010, in partnership with the Association FSK, we have helped to complete the roof of the Church of Mulundu. The construction of this church was initiated by the parish priest, Reverend Father Félicien Kasong with the help of his faithful. It was continued by his successor, the Most Reverend Joseph Malengela. We helped buy the sheets and planks to finish the job.