Don_Felicien_Ilunga_Presidente.jpgA. Felicien Ilunga
Dr. Jean Bosco Mutombo Vice PresidenteDr. Jean Bosco Mutombo
Sgra Pauline Musau Publiche Relazioni Pauline Musau
Public Relations
 Sgr Joseph Tshibangu Project Manager Joseph Tshibangu
Project Manager
 Me Céléstin Kutenalo Segretario NazionaleMe Céléstin Kutenalo
National Scretary
 A. Freddy Kadinga Formatore dei contadiniA. Freddy Kadinga
Trainer of the farmers
Sgra Thérese Ngalula Incaricata delle finanzeThérese Ngalula
In charge of finances


The non profit making organization known as Action for the Development of Kasai (ADK/NGOD) was founded in 1996 in Mwene Ditu, in the Kasai Oriental Province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by a multi-ethnic and multi-faith group numbering 10 people.

The initial goal was to bring assistance to the rural populations who had been expelled from Katanga (South of DRC) or to the    people who had emigrated and who were fleeing rampant wars in the east of Congo.

Most of these people had failed to integrate into the new surroundings because of their religious or ethnic membership, grouped together in isolated villages. Afterwards, the ADK worked hard at putting everybody round some community micro projects of which funding came mainly from members’ contributions and which has slowly evolved  up to the point of contemplating moving  to the Grand Kasai and to the whole Democratic Republic of Congo area.    

It received the official recognition from the Congolese government in 2010 through the Ministerial Decree No 349/CAB/MIN/J&DH/ granting it legal status and which was published in the Official Journal on 1st October 2011.The focal point of the ADK action is human development as a whole as well as the development of man and his environment

But the following issues constitute the organization’s top priorities:

Health: it is the starting point of every development because we must live first and enjoy  good health in order to be fit for work. We are therefore planning to create basic health infrastructures in the villages in order to give everybody access to first medical aid and dig potable water wells

Education: One of the first miseries of our people is ignorance. We are thinking of building school infrastructures and of encouraging people, especially young people, to get an education in order to build their communities on modern basis. A particular attention in this area is to be devoted to women, especially the victims of violence, girls with children and others.

Fight against hunger; we are trying to take on this challenge by multiplying initiatives in the fields of agriculture, fishing, breeding and fish farming.

Protection of environment: encourage rural people to participate in the reforestation and nature protection.