Our mission

The Action for Development (ADK-NGDOs) is a non-profit association (ASBL) founded in 1996 by Reverend Father Félicien Ilunga Mayamba with the help of some friends and work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its main task is the fight against hunger, ignorance, disease and poverty, in general for the development to the poorest people and the poorest in peripheral villages R. D. Congo.
With the creation of this Association, Father Félicien Ilunga Mayamba was defined as follows its core values ​​"We want to reach the Integral Development of man, any man, any man and his environment" .

The ADK-ONGD therefore wants to promote the values ​​of the centrality of the human person and all other values ​​of solidarity, cooperation between people, welcome and respect for diversity with the primary goal, the desire to offer the same opportunities and opportunities to the most vulnerable social strata. For the ADK-ONGD, happiness and dignity of every human being are values ​​to which we can not renounce. That is why we want to promote the culture of brotherhood by building bridges of solidarity between men.

 We want, seamlessly achieve sustainable and shared projects with local communities to enable them to load a responsible self-management.