Sanitary situation


In  DRC, the health situation continues to be characterized by morbidity and mortality of which the intensity is increased by poverty and food insecurity which the majority of the population lives in.

The low access rate of the population to health care whose quality remains unguaranteed, adds further to the precariousness of the economic situation, therefore to the capacities of the population, the inexistence of the entire system of financial solidarity, in order to cover the cost of medical care.

The above adding further to defective hygiene conditions, a low access to potable water and a precarious nutritional status contribute to the eruption of infectious diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria, respiratory diseases, parasitosis, tuberculosis, and AIDS. The mortality rate in DRC remains high and life expectancy is 45 years. In its fight against the disease, ADK seeks to attain the following objectives:

-build Health centres and maternities in villages and outskirts of towns, fight against religious or faith based discriminations of the deprived, of the sick, of pregnant women.

- give equal opportunity to all pregnant women irrespective of their religious faith.

- Health is neutral: this principle binds us and obliges us to commit ourselves in this fight with all our strength.

- Fighting diseases such as trypanosomiasis, tuberculosis, onchocercosiasis, leper, HIV/AIDS as well as tragic deliveries and chronic malnutrition.

- Relieving the acute suffering of these  pregnant women who, in some villages deliver their babies outside appropriate structures and very often in their homes far from all hygienic and sanitary conditions.

- Giving all of them access to medical care and spare the sick from walking long distances, on foot or by bicycle, in order to reach viable hospitals. Reduce dramatically deaths following caesarean delivery. These operations often take place in an ordinary  nurse’s home. For lack of solar source, surgery is carried out with candle light or hurricane lamps at night or during the day with the sun light with wide open doors and windows. It’s really true miracles that some women and their children survive in those conditions.